[On-Demand Webinar]
Eavesdropping on 5 Experts: Differentiated & Quality Clinical Trial Services On Time & Within Budget

Tomislav Babic, MD, PhD
Vice President Neuroscience Franchise

Manolo E. Beelke, MD, PhD
Senior Medical Director, Medical & Scientific Affairs



During this on-demand webinar, a panel of Worldwide experts discuss perceptions relating to what they believe the major influencers are in defining a successful clinical trial from start to finish, as well as where they see the CRO industry heading.

Some of the topics discussed include:
  • The challenge of study startup in most programs
  • Emerging opportunities in data management and biostatistics
  • The evolution of staffing models and assignments for CRA's
  • Strategic initiatives in Quality Assurance services

Feel free to reach out with any questions: LynnLedwith@worldwide.com.